Standard Dwarf Bearded Introductions
'Dee-Elf' Anita Moran, R. 2011). Sdlg 03SSu01, SDB, 12" (30 cm), Midseason bloom. Standards pale lemon yellow, darker yellow veining, green midribs; style arms white tipped yellow, lavender lip; Falls light lemon yellow overlaid with olive tan, rose spot; beards mustard yellow, pale lavender at end. 'Sunstrip' X Unknown. Snowpeak 2012
'Kaleidoscope Mink' (Anita Moran, R. 2011). Sdlg 03CRtm01. SDB, 12" (30 cm), Midseason bloom. Standards tan with dusky rose blush, green to blue midrib and blue veining; style arm white with blue midrib and veining, rose tipped green edge; Falls deep rose with thick blue veins, oxblood red spot that is dark blue around beard, 3/8" to 1/2" pale pink spot on one edge of each fall, location may varrie in each bloom; beards white with lemon yellow tips; diamond dusted. 'Cimarron Rose' X 'Touch Of Mink'. Snowpeak Iris 2013
'Nerida's Wings' (Anita Moran R. 2011) Sdlg. 03SSu03, SDB, 12" (30 cm), M.  S. White with yellow veining, lemon with red veining at base; style arms white with yellow veining; F. dark mustard yellow, oxblood red spot, small white veins around white beard tipped yellow; slight fragrance.  Sunstrip X Unknown. Snowpeak 2012
'Sprite's Nightingale' (Anita Moran, R. 2014) Sdlg. 06ESes03.  SDB, 12" (30.5 cm), M.  S. and style arms indigo (RHS 83A); F. same with large black spot; beards yellow in throat, white ends.  Earth and Sky selfed.  Snowpeak 2014
'Voldy's Mink' (Anita Moran, R. 2010) Sdlg 03SStm13. SDB, 12" Midseason bloom. Standards and style arms lavender veined blue; Falls lavender, large brick red spot; beards white base tipped yellow; ruffled. 'Sunstrip' X 'Touch of Mink'. Snowpeak 2012

Standard Dwarf Bearded Registrations
'Ben's Dandelion' (Anita Moran, R. 2015) Sdlg 06NRrr02.  SDB 13" (33 cm)  M-L.  S. Canary Yellow self.  'Nut Ruffles' X 'Red Rabbit'.
'Burning Elf', (Anita Moran, R. 2015).  Sdlg 04ILc10.  SDB 12" (30 cm), M-L.  S. and style arms Maroon; F.  Crimson red with maroon spot yellow edges on shoulders. Beards violet tipped bronze.  Iris lutescens X 'Chanted'
'Dobbie's Truffle' (Anita Moran, R. 2011). Sdlg 03SSu02. SDB 10" (25 cm), Midseason bloom. Standards rosy chocolate brown, darker at base, green midrib; style arms tan with green veining; Falls chocolate brown with oxblood red spot; beards violet base tipped old gold. 'Sunstrip' X unknown
'Sun's Cloud' (Anita Moran, R. 2014).  Sdlg 07BBfs05.  SDB, 12" (30 cm), M.  S. pale lemon-yellow, darker in center; style arms pale lemon-yellow; F. pale lemon-yellow, darker yellow spot in sun ray pattern; beards white; slight sweet fragrance.  'Baby Blessed' X 'Firestorm'.
'Volcanic Sprite' (Anita Moran, R. 2015).  Sdlg 06ESes04.  SDB, 11" (28 cm) M.  S. Pale violet that appears white darker red violet at base; style arms white with pale violet tips; F. Pale violet with brick red spot that ages to brown; beards white tipped yellow; slight fragrance.  'Earth and Sky' selfed