Pilmore Arilbred Introductions
'Anaheim Daughter' OGB (Anita Moran, R. 2006). Sdlg. 02AB03. AB, 24" (61 cm). Midseason bloom. Standards pale lavender, almost white, infused yellow at midribs; style arms lemon yellow; Falls tan, red signal and black spot under beard, white dotting throughout signal spot; beards tan, tipped gold, wide. Parentage unknown; seed from SIGNA. Aril Society 2008.
'Asenath' (Anita Moran, R. 2009) Seedling #02AB05 AB (OGB), height 23" (58 cm), Midseason bloom. Standards violet veined darker violet; style arms same, black midrib; falls recurved, violet veined black, signal black extending irregularly to end of petal; beards chocolate brown base, hairs tipped old gold. Parentage Unknown, seeds from SIGNA. Aril Society 2010.
'Lakeside Elf' OGB (Anita Moran, R. 2006). Sdlg. 02AB01. AB, 24” (61 cm). Late bloom. Standards clear pale lavender; style arms lavender blushed yellow; Falls light tan infused with red veins radiating from red signal that is darker around beard; beards old gold tipped light yellow. Parentage unknown, seed from SIGNA. Aril Sociey, 2007.
'Raven's Heart' OGB- (Anita Moran R. 2010) Sdlg 04LSEnr09. AB, 22" Midseason bloom. Standards red violet, blue midrib, domed; style arms pale yellow, red violet center and lip; Falls oxblood red, lighter toward thin pale rose edge, dark oxblood red-near black signal, recurved; beards yellow base tipped orange. 'Lakeside Elf' X 'Nut Ruffles'. Aril Society 2012.

Pilmore Arilbred Registrations
'Blue Sand Imp' (Anita Moran, R. 2010) Sdlg 04LSEnr01. AB (OGB-), 22". Early midseason bloom. Standards light grey-lavender, yellow base, pale lavender veins, erect; style arms pale yellow, rose blush at lip; Fals pale lavender, yellow edge, center, shoulder, light maroon around small dark maroon signal, slightly recurved; beards yellow. 'Lakeside Elf' X 'Nut Ruffles'
'Vlad's Daughter' (Anita Moran R. 2010), Sdlg 04LSEnr07. AB (OGB-), 23". early midseason bloom. Standards violet veined blue, black midrib, domed; style arms ivory, violet midrib and lip, blue veins; Falls red violet, small red signal darkening to black around beard, slightly recurved; beards blue based tipped maroon. 'Lakeside Elf' X 'Nut Ruffles''
'Elven Kernel' (Anita Moran R. 2014), Sdlg 04NRlse04.  AB OGB-), 12" (30 cm), M. S. Pink-lavender, domed; style arms white, pink-lavender crest; F. pink-lavender, red spot, blue veining, recurved; beard hairs based white, tips lemon-yellow.  Nut Ruffles X Lakeside Elf.