Miniature Dwarf Bearded Introductions
'Candy Dragon' (Anita Moran,R. 2011) Sdlg 07MDcc01. MDB, 7" (18 cm), Midseason to late bloom. Standards red copper; style arms lemon yellow crest a mix of yellow and copper; falls red blending to copper with 1/8" edge of old gold, yellow rays around beard; beards bright canary yellow. 'Minidragon' X 'Candy Corn' Snowpeak 2012.
'Dragon Flamedart' (Anita Moran, 2011) Sdlg. 07MDcc02. MDB 7" (18 cm). Midseason to late bloom. Standards wine, lighter toward edge, red-violet midrib; style arms pale yellow, crest burnt orange; Falls red-orange darkening to black mear center, irregular yellow edge; beard burnt gold, hairs pale-violet base, tips burnt gold; slight fragrance. 'Minidragon' X 'Candy Corn'. Snowpeak 2013.
'Zheng Elf' (Anita Moran R. 2014) Sdlg. 06NRrr01).  MDB 6" (15 cm), M.  S. Lemon-yellow, occasional Splatters of red; style arms lemon-yellow; F. Canary-yellow, lighter lkemon-yellow rim, red splashes; beards canary-yellow; broken color. Nut Ruffles X Red Rabbit

Miniature Dwarf Bearded Registrations
Fairy's Mantle (Anita Moran R. 2014) Sdlg. 07BScc03).  MDB, 7" (18 cm), M. S. and style arms dark wine-red; F. same, small black spot near beards; beard hairs based wine-red, tips light mustard.  Black Suede X Candy Corn
Urisk's Dawn (Anita Moran R. 2014) Sdlg. 06ESes01.  MDB 7" (18 cm), M-L. S. pale lemon-yellow, green midrib and veins, dark green at base; style arms pale lemon-yellow; F. white, canary yellow spot fliushed pale red; beard hairs based lavender, tips mustard; slight sweet fragrance. Earth and Sky selfed.
'Rhoslyn Berry' (Anita Moran, R. 2015).  Sdlg 04RDop04.  (MDB 5" 13 cm), M-L. S. and style arms raspberry violet; F. raspberry violet with oxblood red spot that is black around beard; beards light violet tipped red; slight fragrance. 'Razzelberry Dressing' X unknown