Pilmore Species Introductions
'Angel Of The Pond' (Anita Moran, R. 2009) Sdlg 02VSu01.Subgenus Limniris; SPEC (Iris versicolor), 15" Mid bloom season. Standards white veined violet; style arms white; Falls white violet blue veins, yellow blaze. 'Versicle' X unknown; seed from 01N303 from SIGNA. Snowpeak 2012.
'Cloud of Dragons' (Anita Mora, R. 2009) Sdlg. 02VMx011. SPEC (versicolor), 13". Midseason bloom. Standards, style arms and Falls white veined violet, yellow blaze of Falls. Parentage unknown, seed 01N306 from SIGNA. Snowpeak 2011

HM 2014
'Forest Haimati' (Anita Moran, R. 2006). Seedling 02VMx12. SPEC (versicolor), height 20" (51 cm), mid season bloom. Standards white, yellow base, light blue veining; style arms white, yellow midribs, light blue veining; falls white, signal yellow with green veins which change to blue at edge. Parentage unknown, seed from SIGNA. Snowpeak 2010.

Pilmore Species
'Dragon's Bloodline' (Anita Moran, R. 2009) Sdlg 02NVMFu01. SPEC (versicolor) 17" Midseason bloom. Standards white veined red violet; style arms same, red violet midribs; Falls white and stippled red violet, yellow blaze. 'Mint Fresh' X unknown; seed 01N298 from SIGNA.
'Dragon Veins' (Anita Moran R. 2009) Sdlg 01VMx05. SPEC (versicolor), 16". Midseason bloom. Standards white veined blue violet; style arms same, blue violet midrib; Falls white, dark violet veins, yellow blaze. Parentage unknown. seed 01N306 from SIGNA.

Pilmore Species-X
'Elron's Heart' (Anita Moran R. 2009) Sdlg 02UNK03. SPEC-X (sib/vers), 28" Midseason bloom. Standards red violet veined dark violet; style arms red violet; Falls dark red-violet veined black, white signal, yellow blaze. Parentage unknown seed from SIGNA.
'Wallar Fairy' (Anita Moran, R. 2009) Seedling 02UNK02 SPEC-X (sib/vers), 28" Mid bloom season. Standards and style arms blue violet veined dark violet; falls Royal blue white signal, yellow blaze. Parentage unknown, seed from SIGNA.

Pilmore Species-X