Miniature Dwarf Bearded Reselects
04DCop01 MDB 6” (Dinky Circus X OP)
04DCop03 MDB 6” Violet Self with red violet spot violet beard tipped red in throat (Dinky Circus X OP)
04SStm11 MDB 5" Sunstrip X Touch Of Mink
07ISFmd08 MDB 5" It's So Fine X Minidragon

11B30Eat04 MDB 5” Apricot self with orange beard. ((Lollipop X Volt) X Autumn Tangerine)

11B38dl02 MDB 6” S. tan with darker veining, SA white tipped tan, F Tan over laid with dark rose with deep red veining, beard white tipped yellow ((Hot X What Again) X Double Life)

11Bbbe09 MDB 7” S. Linen yellow on edges green midrib red dotting at base inside, SA. Yellow, F. white with pale yellow at tip with bright yellow veining giving a tiger appearance. B. white tipped mustard.  (Buster X Baby Blue Eyes)

11BBEwos01 MDB 7” S. White with green flush blue midrib, SA. White violet center, F. White yellow veining , Beard violet tipped white (Big Blue Eyes X Wish Upon A Star) REM
11C107b083a05 MDB 5” Nearly black maroon self, beards violet tipped gold ((Hoodlum x Negra Modelo)X (Dark Vader X Devil Baby)
11DBrr03 MDB 6” S. yellow with green midribs, SA. Yellow, F. yellow overlaid with olive yellow with linear brick red spot.  Beards white tipped yellow (Devil Baby X Red Rabbit)
11RLvm01 MDB 5” S Linen yellow with deep violet flush from base that is deeper inside. SA. Deep violet,  F. Mottled yellow with large red brown spot and deep red veining, Beards large thick corn yellow (Rosalie Loving x Voldy’s Mink)
11STM9p06  MDB 7” S. milk chocolate brown with light violet flush in center, SA. milk chocolate brown, F. milk chocolate brown redder around beard more yellow in center. B. White tipped bright yellow  ((Sunstrip x Touch Of Mink) X Panther)
11Swos05 MDB 7” S. & S.A. Dark red violet with black veining. F. red black lighter at edges B. light violet tipped yellow in throat.  (Smooth x Wish Upon A Star) REM

Miniature Dwarf Bearded Kept
11A40at04 MDB 7” Orange Self  ((Orange Tiger X Hot) X Autumn Tangerine)
11B38dl01 MDB 5” S. Canary yellow, SA White with canary yellow tip, F. Canary yellow with pale umber overlay and intermittent red spot.  Beard white tipped bright yellow.  ((Hot x What Again) X Double Life)

11BBEop01 MDB 6” S. & SA.  Yellow with green base, F. Linen with brown and yellow spot and veining. B. Light blue that is yellow in throat.

(Big Blue Eyes X OP)REM

11BBEop02 MDB 6” S. & SA. Violet brown dark violet at base green flush up center. F. Golden yellow with dark orange spot. B. Blue tipped yellow.  (Big Blue Eyes X OP) REM
11BSU1sf01 MDB  7” Red violet self. B. violet tipped white (Black Suede X Candy Corn) X Senorita Frog
11BSU1sf03 MDB  7” S. & SA. Goldenrod with violet base inside and out. F. Goldenrod with darker spot brown at shoulder B. blue turning yellow in throat. (Black Suede X Candy Corn) X Senorita Frog
11BSU1sf16  MDB  7” Violet self with light violet beard.  (Black Suede X Candy Corn) X Senorita Frog
11BSU1sf08 MDB 6” Violet self with darker violet spot on falls ( (Black Suede X Unk) X Senorita Frog)
11MLIop01 MDB 6” S. Grey violet yellowing near tip. SA.  F White with violet spot with yellow edging at shoulders yellow orange beard. (Mikey Likes It X OP) Seeds from SIGNA  09DB454
11RBt01 MDB 5” S. Maroon with darker veining, SA White with maroon center, F. Red with dark maroon veining, Beard white tipped yellow  (Red Bunny X Teagan)
11RLvm09 MDB 5” S. & SA. Lemon yellow red at base, F. Light lemon yellow with darker spot with spot over layed wth red.  B. Yellow tipped orange.  (Rosalie Loving x Voldy’s Mink)
11SFb01 MDB 6” S. Pale yellow with red veining on interior base, SA White with pale yellow tip, F. Pale yellow with brown veining fading to green , beard white yellow in throat.  (Senorita Frog X Baklava)
11WOSb01  MDB  7” S. & SA. Red violet, F. Red violet with darker spot B. White tipped yellow. (Wish Upon A Star X Buster)
11ATop07  MDB 7” S. Pale yellow green at base, SA. Pale yellow, F. Pale yellow with red violet spot green at shoulders white around beard. Beard yellow. (Artful Tradition X OP)